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How to Enlarge Penis With Tea Basi

The penis is the male genitals as a tool berfungis erection and reproduction. Noremal penis will continue to grow into larger and longer when the age of a person has undergone puberty. This is because the hormone testosterone, or a hormone that helps the development of Tubu are in a very good state and can work with the maximum. Sometimes the growth of the penis does not happen perfectly. Some men experience it and make it have a small penis size. Thought that exist in the community who think that having a big penis means more manly, strong, and can be more satisfying women ,. This kind of thinking is also reinforced by the opinion of some women who say that a man's penis is bigger and more satisfying long and delicious.

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Thoughts and opinions of a few people is what makes the man of small penis becomes less confident. During sex, men who have the smallest penis be a shame for fear has pointed out his penis and can not satisfy their partner. Insecurity and fear are not satisfactory intimate relationships is what makes you be full of anxiety, hesitation, so you too much thought during intercourse. This crate intimate relationship that makes your partner does not feel satisfaction. Many men are not aware of this and are looking for ways to make a big and long penis.
Penis enlargement is indeed a lot of the way. Some time ago there was a way that well-known method successfully to come to "Mak Erot", but since mak erot died, his practice began to wane in popularity. Another way to use it is to use penis enlargement. Shaped like a vacuum and this tool will draw us into a bigger penis and longer. There are also ways of raising the penis by giving weights to the penis.

Ballast made as hanger used to mementuk abdominal muscles and chest, proved too can form your penis muscles that will make your penis look bigger and stronger. Sebenanrnya there are many other ways to make your penis bigger. You can memncarinya on the internet, and media sma. Ways that are sometimes unbelievable and absurd. Actually, the best way to enlarge your penis is to use the methods and natural materials, such as how to enlarge penis with stale tea.
How to enlarge the penis with stale tea is one of the natural ways that are well known by the public. This method was considered only a myth, but according to a study, stale tea and can indeed be used to enlarge your penis. How to use it is,
1. Take 3 tablespoons of dried tea leaves. Advised not to use tea bags.
2. Pour the tea using hot water as much as 400-500 ml
3. Save water tea already brewed in a special safe place for 5 days airtight.
4. When the sixth day, prepare a stale tea that you have saved. Warm up your penis with your penis soak in warm water for 5 minutes. After warming up, apply a stale tea on your penis then soak your penis in stale tea steeping for 15 minutes.
5. After you soak your penis in stale tea, tea waste water immersion stale and prepare as many as three new tea spoon to create a new stale tea and wait again 5 days, then use again.
6. Repeat continued this way for 2-3 months and see the difference.
For optimal results you can combine this method with other natural means such as, by way of extending the duration of ejaculation. Extend the duration of ejaculation point is when you are going to ejaculate, try to resist and delay your ejaculation. Perform this step several times. In this way, the muscles in your penis enlargement will be tightened and for a few moments. As a result, the muscles in your penis will grow stronger and your penis will dilate. As long as you undergo this method, it helps you also maintain your health by eating nutritious foods, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, keep the mind and to better stress, avoid the consumption of eggplant, and do not often wear tight underwear.
How to enlarge penis with stale tea could be the solution you are not confident with the conditions and want to enlarge your penis size in a way that is much easier and cheaper than the use of other medicines or buy penis enlargement which are quite expensive. This method is also safer and healthier, because tea is a natural product, whereas other medications usually contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. This way tegantung success of your will and intention.
If it works, congratulations to you, because you will be more confident and during intercourse you do not have to worry about anything and can freely express themselves. Intm relationship you also may be more pronounced delicious and satisfying for you and your partner. If in a few months after you do it this way and you do not see and feel the changes, you should stop doing it. Perhaps, you do not fit in this manner. Try it the other way, which of course is natural and healthy, which is not membahayak for health and your penis. Because your penis is an important part of your body and your life.

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